How the Corporate Real Estate Model Is Becoming the Business Model

By Richard Kadzis

As we head for the CoreNet Global Summit in San Diego April 29 – May 1, there will be a lot of attention on a whole new set of predictions about the future of corporate real estate (CRE), the changing nature of work, sustainability, the globally networked enterprise, and a slew of other interconnected forces and factors.
We’ll be presenting the results of our Corporate Real Estate 2020 transformational research initiative. Our forward-facing focus took its form through an extensive global conversation carried out these past 10 months with more than 200 industry executives in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.
The “bold statements” forecasting what’s next for CRE provide a roadmap into and beyond the next decade.
What Corporate Real Estate 2020 is really all about is leadership. How can CRE executives be best prepared to influence strategy, shape consensus and garner the resources to help their companies navigate the most complex global business environment ever seen?
Enterprise leadership is indeed a primary outcome of ‘earning a seat at the C-Suite table.’ Within the 8 reports to be released immediately after we exit San Diego, there will be ample evidence of our growing leadership clout.
But independent validation is important, too.
Take a sneak peek at the cover story for the May edition of LEADER Magazine, CoreNet Global’s popular professional journal. Based on an amazing study of senior executives in the Fortune 1000 whose span of influence touches 1.2 million employees, Dr. Tracy Brower of Herman Miller reports, “It is clear that the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) model is becoming the business model.” Dr. Brower finds “the fact that work environments are now part of executives’ definitions of work-life supports is testament to the influence CRE is having on the business.”
In other words, CRE has arrived as a strategic asset and function. That’s why Tracy’s analysis, titled “Executive Viewpoints: Work-Life Supports = Organizational Results,” is a must-read for any CRE or business person seeking proof that our expertise in workplace management, talent recruitment and retention, sustainability, location strategies and other functions are now enterprise business drivers.
A very encouraging piece of news as the industry gets set to convene for CRE event of the year in San Diego. See you there!

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